Dear All,

No doubt you will have been wondering how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect the start of Autumn hunting.
Guidelines have been received from the MFHA and after consultations with other Dorset hunts, the Joint Masters have devised the following standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with Government guidelines,  and to allow as many people as possible to come hunting:

1) All being well, Autumn hunting will commence soon.  Dates will be circulated by email, a week in advance, to all those who have paid their car or mounted subscriptions in full.  Please note that because of the requirement for everyone to register in advance of each and every day, we cannot allow anyone out who has not paid their subscription.

2) Those who wish to come hunting (mounted or on foot) must book in for each day in advance with the secretary via email.  This is to comply with Government 'Track and Trace' requirements.

3) Mounted followers will be told where to park via email.  NB there may be more than one 'gathering' of 30 mounted followers on busy days, and so it is imperative that you park in the location given to you.

4) Foot/Car followers will be asked to stick to the public highways (without blocking them!) and not to enter any parking locations/fields/coverts with the mounted followers.  This is to enable us to comply with the limits on outdoor gatherings.

Subscription letters will be posted in the next few days.  If your address has changed from last year, or you wish to discuss your subscription, please do send me an email ASAP.
Clearly, this is a difficult situation and we ask you all for your help and co-operation; but it is hoped that by putting these standard operating procedures in place and keeping them under constant review in line with Government advice, the maximum number of followers will be able to get out and enjoy the start of the season.
Rest assured that the Joint Masters will keep the situation under constant review, with the main aim being to enable as many people to hunt, in as close to the normal way, as possible.  We ask only that you follow the SOPs above, and it is absolutely mandatory that you book in by email as outlined above for each and every day that you plan to attend.

Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions relating to any of the above.

With thanks for your cooperation - looking forward to another brilliant season, albeit with a few  initial changes.

Very best wishes,